Designed for professionals dealing with capital markets business, Lexis® Practical Guidance- Capital Markets collects capital markets-related laws, regulations and normative documents, offers early warning of regulatory trends, and provides practice guide on five major types of business content covering IPO, New Third Board, M&As of listed companies, bonds and asset securitization. We also exclusively provide in-depth analysis of similar IPO cases written by experts from well-known IPO teams of top law firms, enabling quick access to solutions to similar cases within 60 seconds.
Exclusive Features
Access to Information disclosure documents – sorted out and classified by the types of information necessary to securities lawyers, with the latest feedbacks of the CSRC.
  • More hassle-free case study! – Direct access to and download of nine types of information of each listed company which must be read by securities attorneys
  • Follow the regulatory trends more directly! —Email alerts available for the latest feedback of the CSRC
  • Analyze information more accurately! —Dynamic management by company status
  • Search experts more confidently! —Search for the experience of experts by intermediaries undertaking IPO projects
IPO Case Analysis – In-depth insights into and interpretation of similar IPO cases exclusively provided by experts of well-known IPO teams of top law firms.
  • Covering IPO cases with reference value since 2014
  • Search by regulatory concerns
  • Search by intermediaries (including securities dealers, law firms, accounting firms and assessment agencies)
  • Provide the featured filtering option of whether state-owned assets are involved
Specially designed for professionals dealing with capital markets business
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